38 Times Around the Sun

it took meI’m 38-years-old today. Huzzah for making 38 revolutions around the sun!

Bday dinner

Me and my dinner ladies.

As far as celebrations go, I had quite the day yesterday. I went and “ran” a charity 5k yesterday morning. I locked my keys in my car, but I was fortunately rescued by the friend I was with. The 5k never had a start line, nor an end line really, so we ended up walking most of it… Not the most organized of events, but it makes for a good story. Coffee and a giant cookie after the race, followed by a much needed massage. I then grabbed lunch at the Sulfur Springs Sandwich Shop and accidentally ran into some friends, who surprised me with a birthday present. Nap time after, then dinner with some friends at the delicious Yummy House. Drinks with more of the crew after dinner at The Independent.

This morning I took myself out for breakfast and for a little window shopping and exploring in Ybor. Then a nap. Now I’m sitting here writing, and I’ll finish up some work I need to get done so I can go to trivia this evening!


As I’ve been celebrating in a variety of ways, I’ve also been reflecting. I’ve been feeling very grateful I have so many positive people in my life. I’m surrounded by people who are living daringly in their own cool ways. Traveling, changing jobs, continuing educations, plotting future goals, living and loving wholeheartedly.

It’s inspiring to get a goodly number of these folks in one place at one time.

I’ve also been reflecting about the fragility of life. I’m listening to a David Bowie/Prince mix as I write this. So many influential artists have passed this year. Which isn’t to minimize all of the other deaths that occur in relative anonymity; including my cousin earlier this year (here and here).

I guess it’s normal to think about our mortality when our birthdays approach. 

Susan-Sarandon-on-Growing-OlderOne friend keeps saying “getting older is a bitch.” Yes, that is how the saying goes. However, I keep replying, “It’s better than the alternative.”

While there are days I concur with my friend’s sentiment, when I feel particularly creaky, I refuse to fall into the idea that growing older is a curse.

It is a gift denied to many.

So I’ll keep on trucking, doing my thing and making my small mark on the world. Trying to make better, try not to make it worse.

Here’s to 38 more trips around the sun!

Thank you to everyone who has joined me for all or part of the journey!


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  1. Mike B

    Happy Belated Birthday! Cheers!