A Good Day

I don’t have a whole lot to say, except that it’s been a good day.

I paid the bills and got some work done this morning. I helped out at a union event in the early afternoon. At that event, I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in quite a long time. She’s doing well, and it was so good to see her. We’re going to get together for lunch soon.

After the union event, I finally did laundry. I’ve been a bit broke since my shenanigans in France (here and here), and cash reserves have been low. That coupled with just being busy this week, well, let’s just say I was wearing my last clean pair of undies today. But it’s pay day, so that’s under control now! 

My scholarship funds also became available, so I was able to pay off my credit card. Back to normal post-France…

Tonight, it’s karaoke with friends new and old. What should I sing? What will they sing? What shenanigans will we get into?

A good day, indeed…

Good Day

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