A visit to Sunken Gardens

As a reader, you already know I haven’t been writing much. The end of the semester is winding down, which means work has been busy. Too, the political climate has me lying low with writing, because I want this site to be one of (mostly) positivity. Yet, I’m having a hard time framing anything I would write about politics in a positive way.

So instead, let’s look at pretty pictures!

I have a membership to Sunken Gardens, so I took a little trip there. It’s a peaceful oasis among the city of St. Petersburg. You can still hear the highway traffic, but it’s pretty quiet. People have weddings there, and there was one being prepared for today.

Though it’s winter (A blustery 70 degrees in St. Pete today. Brrrr! Just kidding.), there were still plenty of plants flowering. Unfortunately I don’t know the names of all of them. (Help me out if you know any of them! I want to make a guide.)

Here are some of my photographic highlights.

I always get a few new photographic treasures when I go. And returning to the park makes me look for new perspectives, even for plants I’ve already photographed.

The Chinese hat plant was quite photogenic. It has a super cute flower. I don’t know how I’ve missed those footprints in the concrete before. I wonder who they belong to.

I hope you are having a happy holiday season!


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  1. Julie

    Happy Holidays!