A Visit

The smell of oil
Wafts on the summer breeze
Source unknown

Not cooking oil
Or the oil you put
in your car

But a dark oil
Used to grease
Large machines

“How you doing, kiddo?”

The odor of
Dark, black oil
Envelopes me

Tears flow


I’ve had a couple of instances within the past few days where I strongly felt my dad’s presence. The first was May 18. I saw a satellite while jogging and strongly felt my dad’s presence. Tonight, I walked outside to let my dog do her business, and the smell of greasy, black oil hit me. In my head I heard my dad say,”How you doing, kiddo?” like he always did…

Dad died on May 18, 2011… I guess he’s stopping in to check on me.


My dad. 1980-something.

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