Acoustic Eidolon 2015

I’m tired. I’m more tired than I have a right to be. Since I took my new job, I’ve mostly been working 6+ days a week, often until 9:00 p.m.

With that, I’m still trying to make sure I’m taking care of myself. While my goal of running 600 miles this year has pretty much been given up for lost, I’ve still made it out to a few concerts (here and here).

Tonight I saw Acoustic Eidolon (pronounced I-doe-lawn). I saw them last year when they were in town, and I definitely wanted to see them when they came back. They were just as good this time.


Acoustic Eidolon – Hannah and Joe

Tonight I learned that “Eidolon” is Greek for an idealized person or a visualized thing. If you Google it, it reinforces the first portion of this,and the second definition you see is “specter or phantom.”

Apparently a couple of the members of Megadeth were in a band called Eidolon before hitting it big. This overlap in band names caused Joe and Hannah to rename their band…

I had a teacher training during the day today. After, I took a nap, but I was still feeling pretty sleepy. I was thinking about just staying for the first set of the show.

As the first set ended, I cemented my choice to remain for the whole thing. Joe and Hannah played “the house song” they played last year. This time, as Hannah set the background for the song, I started crying. They didn’t even have to play a note. But don’t worry, I continued to cry through the song too!! (Thereby maintaining my ~80% crying rate during house concerts. Huzzah!)

It was then I realized how tired I was. I knew I probably wouldn’t be crying if I wasn’t so exhausted.

But tired or not, the song reached my soul. And they followed up with “One Old Wreck,” which is a blues song about Joe’s series of beat-up cars that he owned between the ages of 16 and 25. It had me laughing again.

The combination was what I needed to feel refreshed.

The second set was worth sticking around for. I can’t remember the specific songs, but I remember swaying with the music. I remember moving to a better place so I could see Joe play his unique, self-designed guitar. I remember closing my eyes to better hear Hannah playing her cello.

Joe and Hannah

Joe and Hannah of Acoustic Eidolon

When I go to house concerts, I am still so impressed with the level of mastery the different artists have of their craft. Joe plays a modified guitar with two hands, masterfully, along with regular guitars. Hannah plays her cello, and also writes songs in at least three different languages. Their music is incredible and beautiful. Laughter, tears: it will take you through a range of emotions and around the world.

Though I am tired, I am so glad I treated myself to seeing this couple play for the second time. I’m glad to have met the people who have seen Acoustic Eidolon play in Canada, Mexico, and in various places in the U.S. I’m glad to have met the people who support my efforts as a new teacher.

I’m finishing my glass of Shiraz, and then I’m heading to bed. But I’m really glad I went out tonight. 

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