Albino Squirrel


C.M. Foust 2015

One of my neighbors is an albino squirrel. I saw her at the base of a pine tree today when I took Willow out. She was munching contentedly on a magnolia seed pod. As I took Willow back inside, I noticed that she went up the tree. I went and grabbed my camera.

The first shot (above) I got with my 16-50 mm lens. I quickly realized it wasn’t going to get me as close as I’d like, so I hoped the squirrel would stay put for a few minutes and I rushed back inside to get my 55-210 mm lens.

Ahhhh. Much better…

Not long after the first picture, she hung upside down to munch on her tasty magnolia pod.

I guess magnolia seeds just taste better when you are living the daredevil’s life!

She stayed that way for quite some time. My favorite shot has to be the last one… 

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