All the Colors

This week has been a fiesta of creation. Poems (here, herehere, here, and here), blog posts about Renaissance festival (here) and personal growth (here), dissertation writing (not here, but hopefully soon to be in the published world), and now visual art.

I’m a regular, old, Renaissance woman!


All the Colors
C.M. Foust


This is one of the creations that was waiting for me, since I’ve had it on my mind for a little while. 

I wanted it to convey the energy of love. How love takes you through the full spectrum of feelings.

I’m definitely noticing trends in my art. I have enough heart paintings and/or rainbow-themed paintings covering my walls that I’m wondering if I’m (not-so-secretly) expressing my inner 13-year-old girl.

I think I’m hard on myself for relegating the themes of rainbows and hearts to only my teenage self. My interest in these themes is much more mature than how my 13-year-old self thought of them.

When I was 13, love was a limiting, confining thing. 

I now know love isn’t like that. It is a fluid, complex, beautiful thing. Sometimes it is a dark thing, but real love carries you through the dark. It ties people together, yes, but not in the confining way my 13-year-old self thought. It’s about connection, and these connections let the loved be who they are and let you be who you are.

It’s liberating.

And terrifying.

Because no matter what, it requires vulnerability. It requires we show all the colors to the people who have earned the right to see them.

No filters.

No masks.

It requires great daring.

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