Almost on my way

There’s just something about traveling somewhere new. Even before you leave there’s a sense of anticipation and discovery while planning the places you might like to go, making sure you don’t forget anything you might need, making sure the world doesn’t fall apart while you are gone… And, of course, there’s the anticipation of what you will experience and how those experiences will change you once you get there.

I always get nervous before a trip. Even though planning is a part of my pre-travel preparations, once you get there things are unknown. When traveling outside the country, making a phone call or ordering food at a restaurant becomes a challenge. Nothing is routine, and few things can be taken for granted. You’re forced to extend past your comfort zone, and you’re forced to live daringly.

And though it’s scary, I think that’s what I like about traveling. The feeling of unknown. The testing of limits and challenging your self identity. And though I like the planning, I like the “here-and-now” of traveling even more. I like the experiences on the way to the planned location or event. Stopping in a cool shop on the way to a museum. People watching while having morning coffee in the café down the street. Noticing the things that aren’t the same as in the States. The little things…

So, I’m excited about my adventure. Two weeks in the Netherlands!! You can be sure I’ll be sharing my trip with you here. And that I’ll be challenging myself and living daringly the whole way. Smile

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