Baby Steps in Food

Pepper Brocc Pasta

Peppers, broccoli, and pasta. Oh my!

I’m really proud of myself for something. I’m making dinner!

My egg casserole thing and pasta dishes I made last week ran out last night. I was thinking really strongly of ordering Chinese food. 

Then, I didn’t!

I’m cooking up turkey steaks I’ve had in the freezer, boiling up pasta, steaming broccoli, and saute-ing bell peppers. I’ll divvy all of that up into two batches: one with spaghetti sauce and one with Alfredo sauce.

I’ve underestimated some of the expenses associated with living in St. Pete, so I’ve been a bit worried about money. One of my big weaknesses with finances has been eating out, which I do for three reasons.

  1. Food at restaurants is so darn tasty.
  2. I feel overwhelmed with other things and getting fast food or delivery just feels easier.
  3. I go out sometimes when I’m feeling lonely. If friends aren’t able to go out, I like to at least be amongst people.

So, I’m glad I made a step in the right direction today. Now I have meals for days, and I made them all with things I had in the house already.

Here’s to becoming a fiscally responsible adult.

Better late than never, I suppose.


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2 Responses to Baby Steps in Food

  1. jim shirk

    Hints for eating – supper division – make a salad; lettuce, grape tomatoes cut in half, a little goat cheese and make your own vinaigrette. Salt, pepper, mustard, oil (2/3) and red wine vinegar (1/3) shake to emulsify. If you’re not super hungry, add some cut up ham, Swiss cheese or hard salami. If you are, boil some Buitoni pasta & add Buitoni pesto sauce. Grate on some pecorino romano & eat. Add a glass of wine for your stomach’s sake (biblical reference).