Back-to-School 2017-2018

Tomorrow, it’s Back-to-School! For teachers, anyway.

I’m not ready.

Another week? Maybe two?

But it’s tomorrow, so I’m going to look on the bright side.

I’m looking forward to:

  • seeing my colleagues I haven’t seen all summer.
  • getting back to union work. I’ve got some great ideas for building a stronger community on our campus, and I look forward to working with the other members in making them happen and getting their ideas about how we can be better too!
  • not having to float from room to room to teach. I get to stay in the same room all day long this year. (This is the highest of blessings, trust me!)
  • teaching a new class: Microbiology. I taught the lab for the college-level class when I worked on my Masters at UNF, but I’ve never done a combination class before. It should be fun! I look forward to grossing the students out!
  • a new batch of students. When the adult parts of the job get hard, the students save me. They make me laugh. They keep me on my toes. They impress me. They inspire me. Even the ones who get under my skin make me think about how I can be a better teacher, and some of them make me think about how I can get them to be better students. A Ph.D. was nothing compared to the challenge of trying to reach some of these students.

It’s going to be a good year.

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