Balance and Grow

A slight alteration of my 2018 theme.

My theme for the year. Two weeks in, I’m still a little unbalanced, but I’m getting there. I’ve already begun challenging myself to grow.

Two of my goals have been to practice Sadhana every work day and to ride my bike every day. I practiced Sadhana on Tuesday, but no other day. I only rode my bike a couple of times this week. Both of these would help to bring some balance to my life by making sure I’m taking care of myself. So next week I’ll try a little hard to move the see-saw back in my direction.

But I’ve also made the goal to grow artistically by creating at least one thing a week. The above picture is one of those efforts. (Though I later modified it, hated it, and scrapped it. Don’t worry, I’ll make another one that’s even better!) I’ve got some other canvases started, and I’ve got some ideas for what I want to put on them.

As I add things that feed my soul to my routine, I’m trying not to beat myself up if I don’t hit the goal Afterall, I only have me to appease. Instead, I’m recognizing that I didn’t hit my goal. reflecting on why, and then getting a game plan to move forward.

I’m also concentrating on successes. While I didn’t hit my goal with those two things, I have been making stuff and I have had successes with some of my other goals. (I created a rather ambitious list of things I either wanted to get caught up on or expand.¬†Probably too ambitious, I’m realizing.)

Still, I don’t regret the ambitious list. I want to challenge myself. If I make any progress on these goals, that will be a good thing. And making progress will bring more balance and growth to my life.


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2 Responses to Balance and Grow

  1. Jim Shirk

    Instead of riding your bike every day, you could set a time or distance goal for the week, that way you could ‘catch up’ if you needed after a couple of inactive days (work/travel/weather/etc)

    • Christy

      That might be a better way to go. I really need to concentrate on distance, with some extreme elevation changes factored in too. I’m building a new bike, so I’m disinclined to ride hills until I get that. Though I guess I’d build up power in my legs by riding my current bike…

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