Beauty is Always There


Fuming, huffing, puffing

Before I ever take a step

Crank the music

Racing, running, jogging

Returning to the moment

Finding my pace

Smiling at the flowers, the neighbors

Seeing the beauty, again

Revealed, uncovered, exposed

Reminded that it is always



More than a haiku tonight.

I’m still dealing with being evacuated from my home. This is night three away, and the electric company and the Fire Marshal don’t seem to be in a big hurry to get the 30 or so families who are displaced back in their homes in a timely fashion.

So, I needed this run. I’ve been angry. At the beginning of the run, I was pushing it. I was glad to be moving again after almost two weeks of not. My ears didn’t even register the songs playing on my iPhone. I just ran…

By the end of the run I was looking at flowers and smiling at my former room mate’s neighbors (I guess they have been my neighbors too for the past few nights.). Even as I sit here writing, I don’t feel the anger hanging over my head.

I feel better. I feel like I burned some of that negativity away.

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