Beyond Busy

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I had an Ok balance between busy-ness and fun. Somewhere between then and recently I crossed the line. Instead I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with work, of which there is a lot of right now.

This feeling of being overwhelmed infiltrates into the rest of my life. Many of my healthy coping mechanisms receive less time. For example, I have been exercising, but not as much. I have been creating art, but not as much (I skipped my drawing class this week to work on my grant proposal.Confused smile). I’ve been attending social activities, but not as many. I’ve been blogging, but not as much (Sorry about that!). I’ve definitely been eating unhealthily. Bilbo Baggins’ words come to mind:


The good thing is that I noticed the trend early. Even this week I’ve taken strides to regain some balance. I’ve begun meditating regularly before bed. (I use the full version of this app to help me keep time and keep track of when I meditate.) I went jogging twice this week (Sunday and then Saturday, but it still counts!) I made a spaghetti squash casserole early in the week that I’ve been eating. (I’ve also used a Groupon and had pizza on campus, but at least they weren’t extra expenses.) Even though I skipped my drawing class, I realized that going would hurt me more than staying home…

So I’m proud of assessing how I feel and taking measures to take care of myself, where in the past I would have just kept trudging forward until winter break. To my own detriment, of course.

I hope everyone else’s semester/life is going well!


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