Blogiversary 2015

Oh, schnikes! I almost forgot. It’s my 2-year blogiversary!


Since I started the blog, I’ve had 8,825 views from visitors from 92 different countries. I’ve had 98 comments (though some of those were replies…). On August 7, 2014, I had 132 views: the most in one day!


Looking back at my first post, my ideas about living daringly haven’t changed too much. It’s about challenging your comfort zone and complacency.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my stories about how I try to do that. I hope you’ve noticed that my living daringly experiences include big things (like making progress on a Ph.D.) and small things (like getting the courage to reach out to friends when I need them).

I hope you’ve noticed that I backtrack sometimes. Sometimes I’m scared, sometimes I’m down on myself, sometimes I don’t know what to do. And yet, it works out. Talking about it, sharing it, working through those hard times… It makes me stronger and better able to handle the next round of hard times.

Great thing is, I’m no different from any of my readers. You’ve got it in you too!

To celebrate life in general and my blogiversary with you, here are some pictures I took today.

Ain’t life grand?


An osprey came to visit my apartment complex in Tampa today. (I wish I had time to switch to my zoom lens…)
C.M. Foust 2015


A white peacock butterfly along the river bank of my apartment complex.
C.M. Foust 2015


Mamma and baby ducks in St. Pete.
C.M. Foust 2015


I keep seeing woodpeckers when I go to St. Pete.
C.M. Foust 2015


A couple of ibises and a laughing gull resting on a fountain across the street from the Dali Museum.
C.M. Foust 2015


And me! In front of the Dali Museum. (I love St. Pete. <3 )

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