Bump in the Night

I share my life and abode with a lovely, tortoiseshell-colored cat name Rusty Bones. She’s not always very lovey, but at night she sleeps on my bed and sometimes likes to cuddle. Most nights this arrangement is nice and uneventful. Last night was not one of those nights

Rusty Catnip_032012

Rusty caught with catnip

Every cat owner knows the fear and disgust evoked by cat puking noises. Immediately upon hearing this dreaded noise, one must immediately find the cat to ensure that she isn’t puking on some important piece of furniture or on granny’s antique quilt.

In my case, at ~3:30 a.m., I had to make sure she wasn’t going to puke on my bed. Once I ascertained that Rusty was, indeed, on my bed, I grabbed her and leapt off the of the bed in what was an incredibly ungraceful motion and deposited/dropped Rusty on the floor. During this Olympian effort I whacked my leg rather painfully on my wooden easel, which is currently being stored at the foot of my bed. Ultimately I accomplished my mission of avoiding cat spew on my bed, but I gained a rather colorful bruise in my efforts.


That’s going to be even prettier tomorrow.

Ah the wonders of pet ownership…

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