Case of the Mondays

case of the mondaysMan, has it felt like Monday today.

Granted, it started off deceiving. I woke up at 5 a.m. feeling pretty good. I got up, got dressed. I made coffee and ate breakfast. The drive to work was soothing and uneventful.

I got into the surprise reminder that I was supposed to get gas over the weekend. I was Ok getting across the bridge, but it would have been better to have more in the tank.

Then, I forgot a binder with materials I needed for my first period class. I left it in the teacher planning office. I made the lesson happen, but it wasn’t smooth.

The planning portion of my second period was spent making copies for my department. I was almost late to my third period class because of this.

The tech was being funky for the third period class, and my lesson used the technology heavily (e.g. Nearpod presentation).. At first I couldn’t even get the laptop that was hooked up to the projector to turn on. Finally it woke from the dead…  Then the projector was being wonky. I got that figured out too.

Departmental copies again during lunch, where I discovered that I did pack my lunch (yay, me!) but I’d forgotten a fork and there was none to be found. Glad I had some trail mix on hand.

There was a big copy job that almost made me late to my fourth period class.

A small incident happened between me and a coworker during early release time.

Post-work, things have been evening out. Traffic was Ok, though my eyelids were heavy the last 1/4 of the drive. I ate my lunch, finally, and took a short nap. I went to the grocery to buy potatoes for a lab my A.P. class is doing tomorrow. 

I’m trying to motivate myself hard to go to my running club this evening. My legs are already sore from being on my feet so much. And I’m still tired.

I’m hoping it will storm so I don’t have to go. I already skipped last Wednesday. I will not sacrifice my health…

Anyway, I had a rough day today. I hope yours day was better.

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  1. Jim Shirk

    I too had a day today – I was in Richmond for political stuff this weekend, with a 16 hour bus ride each way, then last night it was Solidarity Sunday which I demonstrated by drinking beer. Got up this morning without the will to do my usual 15 minutes of body weight exercises. It is hoped tomorrow will be better, after all it’s Trivia Day & we’re celebrating Michelle’s birthday.