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Projects and Ponderings Galore

I’ve had a decent mix of exploring, creating, and relaxing since I got settled down here. The ratio has probably been a little heavier on the exploring and relaxing components.

But I’ve started working on some projects I’ve had in mind too. Continue reading

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Easing into 2016

Statue Pere Lachaise

Statue in Pere Lachaise Cemetary in Paris. She looks restful.
C.M. Foust 12/2015

Things have been pretty quiet on the living daringly front. I’ve been decompressing. I’ve been figuring out what my life looks like now that I don’t have to put in 12 hour days multiple days a week.

Oh my! I even get two day weekends! Huzzah! Continue reading

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Out with a Roar, In with a Laugh

London Bridge

Me and London Bridge. A little pre-New Year, but close enough…

Happy New Year  from Living Daringly land! I hope your 2016 has gotten off to a wonderful start! Continue reading

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