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Go Big or Go Home

Recently I was thinking about what I would like to do to celebrate my 40th birthday in April 2018. Turning 40 is a pretty big deal!

At first I thought: a cruise! I Googled a bit, and the ones that would be in my price range were to places I’d already been or that didn’t seem exotic enough. Europe! The flight alone costs ~$1,500, so it didn’t seem that I could do the sort of trip I’d like to. What about Quebec? I could still speak French, but flights are much more reasonable. And I could take trains around!

Absolutment! Continue reading

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On Tuesday one of my students asked if I had any food in my classroom. I didn’t. She was really hungry… So today I brought a bag of tangerines.

I went through that entire bag today. Continue reading


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Protecting Balance

This past weekend was my first off in months after working hard for my YTT and working part-time through summer. I started gaining more balance, figuratively and physically! Continue reading

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