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Ananda Balasana

Imagine. You are breathing, practicing yoga. You flow into Ananda Balasana, happy baby pose. You lie on your back with your peace fingers hooked around your big toes, your legs waving in the air.

All of the sudden a little, black kitten jumps on your belly. After the initial shock, you settle back into the pose. The kitten begins to make itself comfortable. He finally finds the perfect spot …

Can you guess where???

He lies down and gets comfy in your crotch.

You can’t help but laugh. You grab him, give him a snuggle, and roll out of the pose, chuckling…

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The Hills Are Alive

…with the Sound of Lactic Acid Production… (La da da daaaaaa. – If this doesn’t make sense to you, review your high school biology. Anaerobic respiration!!)

One of my co-riders for the Canada Bike Ride 2018 trip and I went for a ride in the Florida hills.

I didn’t think they existed either. Not really.

Elevation changes for the first 25 miles of the trip.

Oh, they do. Trust me. They do. Continue reading


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Daylight Savings

A poem… Continue reading

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