Comfort Zone

I finished my second, fully original painting tonight. The symbolism of the color scheme is the same as what I used in my previous painting (here). 

For this one, I was thinking about how living in a comfort zone can be a dangerous thing. That we can become complacent and take things for granted if we remain in our comfort zone too much. That our greatest periods of personal growth seem to occur when we are outside of our comfort zone.

So each side of the painting is an almost-mirror image. One side represents the comfort zone and our perception of what will happen if we move away from it. Basically that moving away from our comfort zone feels more and more dangerous. The other side suggests that staying within the comfort zone is the really dangerous part, and that we truly find bliss by moving outside of our comfort zone and challenging ourselves. The red dots throughout show that, sure there are still risks as you move away from the comfort zone, but that they are smaller than we might imagine and spaced pretty far apart.




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