Confidence Bucket List

My friend and fellow-blogger, Steph, recently wrote a post about a confidence bucket list

So how is a confidence bucket list different from the regular kind? Instead of making a list of things you want to do before you die, instead you address the following question:

What things do you hope to have the confidence to do?

A confidence bucket list seems more positive than the regular kind. It seems more like a nice reminder that sometimes we don’t feel confident about every little thing, and maybe we can work on that to achieve those goals that seem unreachable because of our own mental limitations. Certainly I hope that one won’t wait until kicking the bucket is imminent before confronting the things on a confidence bucket list.

My confidence bucket list:

1) Sing/play guitar at an open mic night. I will do karaoke at the drop of a hat, but I’m extremely self-conscious about my guitar-playing skills.


Because of Ezra Rockaraoke charity event.

2) Love again. It’s a terrifying prospect after a failed marriage and the romantic desert that has existed since then. But it’s also something I dearly want in my life, and something I hope I am confident enough to achieve when love presents itself again.

Blessed Heart

Blessed Heart from Raku Pottery Works.
A gift of love from my aunt.

3) Write Living Daringly: The Book. I think the fear factor of this goes without saying. I have started writing some notes and whatnot, and I have 100+ blog posts to pull from… 

LD the book

The challenge was to come up with 10. After spending a goodly bit of time thinking about it, I can only come up with three. I guess that’s a good thing!

So what is on your confidence bucket list? How will you develop the confidence to achieve those goals?


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2 Responses to Confidence Bucket List

  1. Eva

    I hope I have more confidence to:
    – courage to voice my opinion even if it is unpopular
    – accept mistakes and learn from them
    – handle rejection