Electrodash 5k

Running is one of the best things I ever started doing after my separation from my ex-husband. It has helped me be both mentally and physically healthier, and it I one of the ways that I can always challenge myself.

The first race that I ever ran was Warrior Dash in 2011. That was was an incredible challenge. A little over three miles of obstacles, water, mud, fire… At that point it was the longest distance I’d ever run. The medal I received from that is my key chain, and it’s a constant reminder of my accomplishment.


Since then I’ve run a number of races, and I’ve run distances up to 10k.

Considering that I had never run more than 400 meters at a time until I was I was 31-years-old, I encourage everyone who wants to start running to do so. If I can do it, so can you!

And there’s a fun race coming up on March 21 to get you started: the ElectroDash 5k. You’ll don neon and glow sticks for this night run, while you race through lasers, floating jellies, and even a galaxy or two. Electronic music have you dancing while you’re racing through the Florida State Fairgrounds. The race map looks amazing (see below), and you get all kinds of goodies with race registration; including, a t-shirt, race number, glow glasses, and a glow bracelet. Come out and get healthy while having fun!  😀

Race Map

Race Map

You might even be able to run this race for FREE!! If you use Facebook, go “like” ElectroDash 5k. Come back and leave a comment to this post about why you are excited to run this race.Two random commenters will receive free registration codes for the event. I will randomly choose the winners on January 25. (If you want to leave a comment, but aren’t interested in running the race, please indicate this in your comment.)

If you don’t win free registration, you can use the code TAMPABAYBLOGGERS to get 15% off of the registration fee, which is currently $45. (Fees start going up on January 31.)

So whether you’ve been running for awhile, or you are just starting, come have fun and run with me at the ElectroDash 5k on March 21. It will be an electrifying experience. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself… 😎 )


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8 Responses to Electrodash 5k

  1. Courtney

    I like running with my friends!

  2. Race sounds like a blast! Might be what I need to keep moving!

  3. Taegan

    This is my kind of run- there are glowing lights, dancing and friends! Plus- I need motivation to run/walk more!

    • Christy

      That’s the great thing about doing races. Run, walk, dance? It doesn’t matter. There are people wearing “normal” running clothes and people in tutus. It’s all in the name of health and fun!

  4. Erin

    I just started running a few weeks ago so this will be my first race. I love dancing while running/exercising! Ask my neighbors; I dance through the neighborhood while on my runs. Looks like fun!

  5. Christy

    Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing. I created random numbers in Excel, and the two lowest numbers get dips on the tickets. Jennifer and Taegan are our winners! (I’ll be contacting them directly as well.)