End of Spring Break 2015

Spring Break is coming to a close. It’s been a nice week with a good mix of productivity, relaxing, and entertainment.

Yesterday, I planned to go to see Susan Enan at a house concert in St. Pete. I decided I could also use a few hours at the beach, so I drove out to Treasure Island first.

It had been awhile since I’d been to the beach, even though it is relatively close to where I live. As I drove over the various bridges to get there, a smile started to form when I saw the lovely, blue water. 

I was right. I did need some beach time.

I was glad that there were waves. On the Gulf, sometimes the water is very calm, which seems unnatural to me for such a large body of water. No, it’s not the ocean, but it should still have waves. Yesterday it did, small though they were.


Treasure Island Beach. I loved how the sun was shining through the waves as they crashed.

I didn’t really feel like swimming, so I wrote in my journal for a bit and then took a walk on the beach. It was a lovely day for it. There was a nice breeze and the sun was shining bright. People were flying kites, and laughter surrounded me. I could just feel all of that yucky energy sloughing away.

Good riddance.

When it was getting close to time to leave, I decided to leave a present for those who came after me. I found some beach lovelies and arranged them into a mini-sculpture. It’s mostly sea shells, but there are some feathers in there too.

A little love from me to whoever finds it. Or if no one does, then to the universe.


After that I left to go to the house concert. My plan was a bit thwarted, because I was going to change clothes in the beach bathroom. Unfortunately I didn’t know it closed at 4 p.m., and I was leaving closer to 7 p.m. I did some creativity clothes changing in the parking lot, so I was still able to make it on time! 


Me in my $4.50 thrift store dress. It definitely took some creativity to get out of my bathing suit and into this before the show…

This was only the second time I’d ever attended this particular house concert series, so I didn’t really know anyone. I’d only briefly met the hosts at the previous show. So I chose to get a drink and listen in to the conversations going on around me. Approximately 30 people attended the show, which was a pretty fully house. I found a seat near the back, which is where I typically like to sit. Eventually a woman sat next to me, and we started a conversation. She was a house concert newbie.

Not too long after that Susan began her show.


She started on the guitar. After her first song, she told us about her adventures performing house concerts: we were her 199th! During the past few years, she’s traveled around the world, to 18 countries, performing for anyone interested in having a house concert. Throughout the show she told some of her stories, which were funny, inspiring, and thought-provoking in turn. She created video blogs of her travels, so check them out!

She alternated back and forth between the keyboard and guitar. There’s a special place in my heart for people who are experts at playing multiple instruments.


I found her songs to be mellow, yet soulful. Her lyrics are quite inspiring. The songs I liked most out of her sets were the ones of hope and belonging.  One was “Bring on the Wonder:”

“On your side” was another:

One more for good measure: “If you’re feeling low.”

As Susan played, I got that continued sense of the negative energy hanging around me being swept away. The music, the sense of community with people I’d never met before… All of it, coupled with the beach, was soothing my soul.

I hadn’t thought my soul was all that ruffled, but apparently I got a few things I needed to feel truly restored yesterday.

I’m glad to have experienced Susan Enan’s music, and to have heard some of her stories. Her music was beautiful and moving. 

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