Expiration Dates

Living daringly takes nearly an infinite number of forms, and you can do so in big and small ways.

For example, I got the opportunity to live daringly today while I rearranging my refrigerator to make room for some of my co-op veggies. While digging around in there, I saw three Greek yogurts that had been in my fridge for nearly forever, but hadn’t thrown out for some reason.


A pretty epic expiration date of 06/13/2014.


I decided to live daringly and see if the yogurt really was bad, even this long after the expiration date. I figured I had nothing to lose.

  • If it was stinky when I opened it, into the trash they would go.
  • If it wasn’t stinky, but a preliminary taste test yielded funky results, same thing.

I carefully peeled back the top, taking whiffs all along the way. Once I determined that there were no overtly bad stenches, I took a closer smell. Still nothing bad.

I grabbed my spoon and took a small taste. No bad taste either. So I ate the whole thing. 

Granted, this was a few minutes ago. Perhaps I’ll wake in the middle of night with awful symptoms related to my little experiment. I’ll keep you posted if it does happen.

Moral of the story? Living daringly comes in all forms. Sometimes you have to question the so-called expired yogurt and give it a taste.

FYI – Just don’t perform this same test with limburger. It will always be stinky, and it will always taste terribly.

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