First Day on the Job

After weeks of anticipation (more here, herehere, and here), it finally arrived. My first day on the job!!


I should have fixed the collar of my shirt. It’s definitely wonky.

Today was a review day for student testing this week. Even though the day was a bit relaxed, it was also a lesson in going with the flow. I didn’t have access to the students’ review sheets for either of my classes prior to arriving in the class. In one of the classes I was given a review packet different from the students’. All of this made for an interesting test of my scientific knowledge, and my ability to pull the students in to answer each other’s questions. 

I’ll be more ready next week.

But overall, it was a good first day. The faculty were incredibly welcoming. The students seem like good kids, even if they are a bit chatty.

I’m glad I’m starting this week and having a chance to get my feet wet while things are a bit slower. This will allow me to better prepare for the next unit’s topic: Mendelian genetics!

Apparently I did come in at the right time! (My dissertation work is genetics-based.)

I’m looking forward to getting to know my students and fellow teachers better, and to sharing my passion about biology with these students. I feel like I’m coming in right when the fun stuff begins! (e.g. genetics, evolution, taxonomy, etc…)

So, huzzah, for a good beginning leading to many more good days!

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