Getting Back on the Horse

I went tango dancing last night for the first time in months. Though it was fun, it felt … rough. My body had forgotten many of the lessons that were once coming easier. At one point I stomped on one of my instructor’s toes… Oops… 

One dance partner said, “I have to remember when dancing with new dancers. You have wild horses in you.”


I laughed when he said it, and I realized it was true. I often over think what to do with my feet. I try to go with the flow, but my mind has other ideas…

At a milonga, men tend to not want to dance with the wild horses. So I didn’t get to dance as much as I would have liked: only four tandas. With that, I have to keep in mind that learning anything is a work in progress. I’ll get better, and I’ll get to dance more. I’ll step on people’s feet less.

I just have to keep getting back on the horse, and hopefully it will get less wild with time. Well, at least in the ways that count in tango.

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