Going with the Flow

I think I may have finally found a schedule that works for me. It involves getting up very early (4:30 some days!), but it also involves me getting a lot done.

I’m only on day two of this schedule, but I’ve felt really good these past two days and very productive!

This new schedule requires me to be more specific with the time I spend on tasks, to avoid the negative things associated with Parkinson’s law

If you aren’t familiar, Parkinson’s law states that the time to complete a task expands to fill the time you allotted for it. So, if you schedule 2 hours to complete a task, it will take two hours to complete it. If you schedule an hour for the same task, you will be more efficient in completing the task, and you’ll finish it in an hour.

I don’t know how true this “law” is, but I think keeping it in mind will help me stay on task when I am working and be mindful of the time I allot to given tasks.

My time feels incredibly precious right now, so these aren’t little things.


As long as I stick with this new schedule of early to rise and, mostly, early to bed, I think it will help me to go with the flow while having so much on my plate. Though I’m not just riding along with the current of the river.

Instead, I’m tracking the tides. The tide comes in and the tide goes out on a regular schedule. My life will be structured around the ebb and the flow. The wind and rains will factor in too, and I’ll roll with those as they come.

surrender to the wind

So I’ll ride the tide and the waves and let them take me to success in my new job, success with my Ph.D., my life partner (whoever he is), and adventures galore!


(Now I’m going to bed…)

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