Happy with What You Have


My humble abode.

I’ve been struggling with an idea lately. When I go to other people’s homes,  or hear about houses with “great rooms,” I find myself comparing mine to theirs. I live in a 400 sqft apartment, so larger spaces feel/sound pretty luxurious to me…

“My entire apartment would fit in this one room,” I think.

“I can’t imagine having this much space.”

“I could live in their billiards room.”

I’ve been struggling with these thoughts, because I’m not one who likes to judge other people. Yet that’s what these thoughts feel like: judgement.

So as I often do, I’ve been stewing and thinking about this.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my comparison isn’t so much as a judgement as, well, just a comparison. It’s hard not to compare between what you normally live with and what you see around you.

The thought might cross my mind that their “extra” space is wasteful. That crosses the line of judgement much more than just comparing. But then I realize, who am I to judge? Some of these people use this “extra” space in their homes to build community and share wonderful music via house concerts. Some build the bonds of their family by providing a space for game playing and time sharing (or getting away from each other?). Some build the bonds of their friendships by having friends and family over for dinner. Some operate businesses out of their homes.

For me? I don’t need much space. A bed to sleep on, an easel to paint on, a few seats for friends when they happen to visit, a laptop to write on and watch reruns through Amazon Prime…

For those who have chosen larger homes and choose to share that space with me and others in their lives, I’m thankful.

I actually do want to upgrade my space, just a little. (Maybe as much as 700 sq ft?) When I do, I plan on using my extra space to have friends over more often, to put on house concerts, to put traveling musicians up for the night if they need it, for travelers using AirBnB.com, perhaps for couch surfers needing a place to crash, to have more room to paint and create…

Ooo, ooo! More room for yoga!

As much as I like my little apartment, and its fantastic view, I wouldn’t mind a little “extra” space of my own.

So I’m happy with what I have. When I move, I’ll be happy with what I have. I hope others are happy with what they have! 

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