Healthy Accomplishments

I fell off the healthy horse in regards to diet and exercise while I was knee deep in the busy-ness of the semester. While off the horse, I quit using the MyFitnessPal app quite so much, and I quit tracking my weight and my measurements (e.g. waist and hips). Earlier this week I tentatively stepped back on the scale to assess the damage.

Somehow I still managed to drop some of the weight that I’ve been trying to lose! In fact, I’m getting close to my goal weight. Huzzah!

Obviously eating unhealthily isn’t ideal. But with this accomplishment I had the realization that some of my healthy habits have trickled over and are active even when I’m not eating 100% healthily. If I stop to get fast food, I’ll just get a sandwich instead of a whole combo. I’ll order a coffee instead of a latte. I’m drinking water instead of other things.

Exercise also took a bit of a back seat ride for awhile, but I didn’t stop completely. I’ve been dancing tango. I ran at least once a week. I went for walks. (I’m running pretty consistently again, and I’m still dancing tango. I even ran a 10k last Saturday!)

I’m still working to get back on the healthy horse, which is hard with this cold. There’s something about being sick that 1) makes me not want to cook and 2) makes me want to eat fatty foods. I’m rolling with those urges and impulses, and I’ll get back on the horse when the time is right.

In the mean time, I like this reminder that my attempts at developing healthier habits have allowed me to accomplish some of my goals. I am becoming healthier, and though I have setbacks sometimes, it doesn’t mean I’ve failed overall.


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