Holding Pattern

I was offered my new job the last work day before the holiday break. This means as far as the new job goes, I haven’t officially been hired yet. Officially, I am unemployed until I complete a screening for the magnet program and paperwork to do through Human Resources.

This situation is making me nervous as the holiday comes to an end. 

In addition to technically being unemployed, the quickness of the job change left me ill-prepared financially. I won’t be able to make my tuition payment on time, which means I’ll have to re-register for my classes and pay late fees. I may have to petition for reinstatement of my credits because of this late payment.

It shouldn’t be a huge deal, but it’s a first so I’m feeling the buzzing of worry in my stomach.

As long as I am hired and working during this first pay period of the year, I’ll get a pay check on the 23rd. That will be nearly a month after I got my last pay check from USF.

Nearly a month without a paycheck intensifies the buzzing of worry.

Once I get that paycheck I’ll be able to pay my February rent and start to get back on track. Plus I’ll have my tax return coming. I hope W2’s are sent early rather than later…

I’m sitting with my worry, trying not to discount that it’s there. I’m feeling very vulnerable and exposed, not quite knowing what the future holds.

This job is the right thing for me, but there are a few hurdles that accompany it. 

I just need to remember to breathe while I’m sitting in this logistical holding pattern…


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