Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

I’m home again! With electricity and everything!! I do feel like doing a jig.

It was such a relief when my property manager told me I could come home. I didn’t realize how affected I would be by not being able to come home for a few days.

Let me take that back. I think the actuality is that I wouldn’t have had too much trouble with being gone if that police officer had told me I’d need a place to stay for five days. But I didn’t know how long this would extend. What should have been one night turned into two. Then three. Then over the weekend… So perhaps my response hasn’t been so extreme. After all, I wasn’t sure I’d be allowed to come back home at all.

So the sins committed by my apartment complex, TECO, and the Fire Marshal are temporarily forgotten in my relief.

Well, sort of…

I still don’t like the way this situation was handled by my apartment complex.

And there’s the fact that the problem hasn’t really been fixed. They found the short, and it’s in the exterior lights. Until they can fix it, they aren’t turning on those lights…

Um, yeah…

So, sure I’ve returned home. But if some of the wiring is bad, what’s to keep this from happening again? Who’s to say that the same problem isn’t lurking within different walls, and it just hasn’t manifested itself as a fire yet? Are my neighbors and I safe?

With the lingering safety questions, I’m mindful that my lease is up at the end of November. I was going to renew, but now I’m not sure if I should. But moving is such a pain, and expensive… And I’ll have to see if they would be Ok with me giving 30 days notice, instead of the normal 60…

Too many things to ponder tonight…

For now I’m home. Perhaps I’ll have another new home in a few months. Perhaps I’ll stick around here.

I guess all I can do is take it a day at a time. For now I’m trying to hold onto the gratitude I feel at getting to sleep in my own bed tonight. I know my back will be grateful.

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