Honored and Grateful

The first two weeks of school are over. At them end of them I’m feeling a lot of things: honored, grateful, excited, hopeful, exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated.

ToMThe honored and grateful go along with being chosen September Teacher of the Month. My principal called me up during our faculty meeting last Tuesday. She said I’d earned this honor because of my work in a summer workshop that three other teachers and I collaborated on. She also named my part as agreeing to be¬†instructor of record for science credits earned by Seniors who were graduating late. I wouldn’t have expected Teacher of the Month for these seemingly small contributions, but it is an honor I can’t (and wouldn’t) turn away. It seems small to me, but perhaps something I did was bigger than I realized. I even get a special parking spot for the month!

I’m feeling honored and grateful to receive this recognition so early in my employment with my school. Yay!

I’m also excited and hopeful about working with my students. I’ve got a good bunch, and I expect great things from them. Even the ones who are slacking already… I hope I can get them up to speed and motivated!


Gopher Weedon Trail Run, October 2014.

I’ve also been tired. Adjusting to waking up at 5:30 has taken it’s toll, as I mentioned before. It’s getting better, though I still haven’t been running. I’m still planning on participating in the 15k I signed up for, but I won’t be running the whole thing. My injury has been better the past couple of weeks, but fatigue has taken over instead. I’ll get back into running this weekend…

I’m grateful my injury has healed, and I’m hopeful that I’ll get back into running a few times a week with no injuries.


Those latter emotions I mentioned before have been associated with rolling with the punches. The first couple of weeks have been very unsettled in terms of my schedule and the students. During one period I had student from two very distinct classes. I taught them both at the same time… During other period I still have 38 students, but only 20 desks. It’s an A.P. Biology class. They are supposed to be evening it out still. We’ll see.

With these emotions, I’m grateful I can take each moment as it comes. I’m hopeful things will settle soon.

I’ve had a lot of things to add to my gratitude jar the past couple of weeks. And that feels good.

Now I’m going to take a nap…

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