I Am Enough

I’ve been fairly anxious since election day. Moreso since Inauguration Day. There is so much going on that is so big. Though I keep writing my representatives, my optimism takes effort to sustain. I have to combat the feeling that I can’t and won’t make a difference. I have to force myself to avoid inactivity because the inertia feels too much.

Tonight’s sunset on my walk.

To do so I’ve readopted certain practices with varying reliability.

  1. Sunset walks around Mirror Lake. I set a timer on my Bellabeat Urban to buzz me 15 minutes before sunset. I go for an ~1/2 mile walk around the lake, admire the sunset, the birds, say hi to the folks I meet along the way. I started this last week, and I’ve gone most days. It’s a nice refresher in the evening.
  2. Healthier eating. I haven’t been eating out (more due to money, but the effect is the same). I’ve been eating more veggies and less meat. I’ve cut out some of the alcohol. Again, I’ve only been doing this for a week or so, but I’m already starting to feel better.
  3. Making stuff. I’m not doing this every night, but I’m giving my art a weekly space at least. A couple of weeks ago I painted a couple of pieces (blog post here, heart painting here). This week I made a new keychain, with a protest flair. I also finally put some of my older paintings up on my Etsy site (a long overdue project).
  4. Reminding myself of my spiritual practices. I start my classes with a brief meditation every class, every day. That helps to ground me. I’m getting back in the practice of meditating for 10-15 minutes (or longer) before bed. When I do it, I think I sleep better. And my mind is easier to settle the next day. If I go too long without a meditation it’s much harder to shut my errant thoughts up.

In times like these I think it’s important that there are some things we have control over, and some we don’t. Some things we can do, and some things we can’t. We have to let go of those other things. If we are, indeed, doing the best we can, we must cut ourselves some slack and let it be. We are enough.

We are enough.


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2 Responses to I Am Enough

  1. Jim Shirk

    We have to be enough! I’d add another element; Help someone else survive, grow and develop because we can no longer count on political parties to channel our money and energy for the common good – we have to provide it ourselves.