It’s A Boy

Meet Vélo! The newest addition to the Foust family!

Historically I’m not one to rush out an get a new pet after one dies. I need the grieving and processing time. Even this time, perhaps I should have waited. It’s been less than a week since Rusty passed, after all. I cried while petting and playing with Vélo at the Humane Society of Pinellas.

But Rusty was old. I could see her deteriorating. Her just standing up and walking got harder and slower for her. From time to time I thought of what I’d do after she was gone.

I knew I wanted a kitten. And with Bubo remaining, I wanted her to have a companion. She and Rusty weren’t besties, but they did interact. I want someone to be there with her while I’m at work.

Going from an old cat to a young has been a bit of a shock for Bubo. She’s been reacting differently to the kitten than I expected. Mostly I was worried she’d be aggressive with him. Instead, she’s semi-terrified of him.

And he’s fearless. Bubo is about 3 times his size. He’s been chasing her, trying to play. Bubo runs away.

He’s been checking out everything. I’ve been alternating between letting him explore and giving Bubo a break by putting him in the bedroom.

He’s definitely vocal if he’s not happy. He wants to be out here with everyone, so he yowls in the bedroom. Sometimes he sounds like a pterodactyl. But he’s small, so it’s not very loud.

I may keep him in the bathroom tonight to give Bubo space, and so I can sleep and not worry about him getting into stuff. Worst case I’ve got earplugs if he decides to yowl.

It might be too soon for a new cat emotionally, but I’m still glad for my choice even if it brings up the hard stuff.

Other Vélo stats:
Estimated birthday: 10/01/2017
Color: Black (completely)
Weight: 2.81 lbs
Sex: Male
Name at time of adoption: Scorch (not the worst name I’ve heard, but Vélo is better)

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