July 4 2015

I have to report that I’ve had a rather un-traditional July 4 holiday.

First, I hadn’t been invited to any July 4 shenanigans, and I didn’t feel like searching any out. So instead I largely spend the day alone.

Well, with my furry family, anyway…

For lunch I went to Taco Bus and ordered a pescado quesadilla. It was a nice substitution for hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill…

I did get to see quite the fireworks show inspired by Mother Nature, since she sent an energetic thunderstorm our way.

However, I haven’t watched one man-made firework. 

Instead I like to think I’ve created my own fireworks by painting (below). It’s the biggest one I’ve ever completed: 18″x24″. I bought the canvas at discount, and I couldn’t turn it down for the price. But it had been staring at me, empty, on my easel for awhile. I took care of that throughout the day today!


Four Elements. 18″x24″ acrylic on canvas.
C.M. Foust 2015

I’ve been drawing a bunch during classes I’ve been taking (example below). They are a modification of zentangles. They are really fun to draw, and I thought I would try a paint-based interpretation. I’m rather pleased with how the painting turned out.


A zentangle-like drawing I created.
C.M. Foust 2015

The final non-traditional component of my July 4 celebration was drinking Canadian whiskey (Crown Royal) from a Japanese cup while painting. A delicious substitution for brewskies.

I did watch the movie Independence Day, so I guess that counters some of my less traditional choices on this day.

I guess I’ll end this post the way it began: non-traditionally. One of my favorite songs of freedom remains Jewel’s “Life Uncommon.” It’s not one of the first songs one thinks of when Independence Day comes up, but I think it is a powerful song of true freedom. Enjoy.

And, Happy Independence Day, no matter how you celebrated.

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