Jumping in Puddles

jump in puddles

Take a risk with me

Jump in a puddle

Beer? Coffee? Wine? Tea?

Do you mind getting your feet wet?

Do you fear opening your heart?

Baby steps then

Puddles first
Then a walk in the rain
Then dancing in a thunderstorm

Feel the fear wash away

Now let’s run
Hand in hand

Skinny dipping at the beach
Under Luna and Venus’s
Approving eyes

When we emerge
Salty and wild

We will weather any storms
We will bask in the sun

Hearts opened, fear challenged
Risking all and none


I’ve been feeling very hopeful about finding a partner. I’m feeling the excitement that should go along with dating, but seems to get lost after a few too many disappointments. I’m looking forward to sharing fun with a special someone, and getting to know them at a more intimate level. 

I haven’t met him yet, but he’s close. I can’t wait!

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