Just Breathe

05062015_Happy Dog

I can’t be too mad at her for too long…

I’m grumpy.

It’s Saturday. I was in a training for much of today that felt like a waste of time. This made me grumpy. 

I got out of the training early, which somewhat improved my mood. I got home, and I put my dog’s blankets that line her dog beds in the wash. After I put them in the dryer, I laid down to take a nap. I assumed that even though my dog didn’t have her blankets, she’d zonk out on the floor.

No dice.

Up, down, turn around. Get into this. Get into that.

I got a few minutes sleep.

I get it! You need a comfy place to lay.

I go get the blankets out of the dryer, and I set up her dog beds. Still feeling exhausted, I lay down for a little while longer.

Up, down, turn around. WTF are you chewing on?! I take it away and tell her to go lay down. I do the same.

Now WTF are you chewing on?!?! DAMN IT! She got the thing again…

Alarm goes off.


I worked too many hours this week. I’m drained. I don’t even have enough to give to my dog today. I felt like I was going to snap during my training, because I was so frustrated with the lollygagging.

I’m at or over my threshold right now. Teaching, taking alternative certification classes, finishing my PhD…

I defend my dissertation on October 15.

Just breathe.

One more month of craziness.

Just breathe….

There may be tears.

Just breathe.


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  1. Meghan

    You can do it!