Usually when people think of karaoke they think of William Hung of American Idol fame (see below).

Regardless of the stereotype, people of all talent levels participate in karaoke. Some dance, and some stand there. (I never know what to do with my arms.) Some have you leaping out of your chair at the end of the song saying, “You’re right! My heart WILL go on!!” Some have you leaping out of your chair at the beginning of the song to escape to the bathroom.

 No matter how good or bad someone sings, I think karaoke is an excellent opportunity to live daringly!

Why? I think William Hung is an excellent example. While I do not personally find Mr. Hung’s singing style to be pleasing to the ear, the man gave it a go. He got in front of an incredibly critical audience (i.e. the American public and Simon Cowell) in the effort to become the next American Idol. Good for him! I imagine he will look back on those moments in his life without regret, because he doesn’t have to wonder, “What if?”

Not all of us are going to try out for a national television talent program, or even have the desire, but this idea applies to more run-of-the-mill karaokers too!

Crazy Little Thing_Rockaraoke

Me singing Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” at the Because of Ezra rockaraoke charity event. (August 2013)

First let me pause and ask this: have you ever sung during a karaoke show?

For many the answer is no.
For those who answer no, why not?

I’m guessing you might say: because it’s scary to get up there in front of a bunch of people you don’t know! What if you’ve been told your whole life you have a terrible singing voice? What if you miss a note? What if you forget how the song goes? What if people boo?

While singing karaoke you put yourself in the vulnerable position of getting in front of a bunch of people that you know nothing about, hoping that they will be pleased with your efforts. You exit your comfort zone for 3 to 5 minutes, which can feel terrifying. So for many, I think it’s easier for them to listen and critique karaoke than it is to get up there, let go, and have some fun.

There’s also an opportunity for the karaoke veterans to live daringly. I always feel a bit nervous when I try a new song, or one that I haven’t sung in quite awhile. I feel vulnerable when I sing songs that directly fit my mood, especially when I’m feeling sad. It can feel awkward to accepting compliments after you do a great job singing. But while you are doing all of that you are also hanging out with your friends and creating stronger connections! That’s important to living daringly too!

So tonight I’m going to join friends, both new and old, at Dale 1891 to jam with Richard and Ronna, the best karaoke DJ’s in Tampa.

Any requests?

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