Know Thyself

thalesSometimes a good date is …
the one where you are walking home with tears running down your face.

But 1/4 of the way home, you start smiling. You revel in seeing the night heron basking in the moonlight.

You realize you called things off for the right reasons, because he asked a question but answered it himself with his response to your answer.

You realize that so often in the past you’ve let others call those shots long after they should have been called.

And by the time you end up home, you are marveling in the moon, and the leaves on the trees. You’re barely thinking of what might have been. No regrets. Living now. Knowing it’s the right decision.

Knowing that soon you’ll meet the one who is right for you…

As you put your key in your door, you are smiling and feeling as free as you ever have. Full of hope. 

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