Learning New Things Business Style

01_Not Perfect Enough_fI just spent multiple hours taking pictures of little pieces of leather.

It’s Friday night…

I’m super excited to open my Etsy shop. But with it I’m approaching learning curves for different things. Photography is one of them. I’ve never been an expert on how to do photography, but I’ve certainly been lucky in getting some awesome shots fairly regularly.

Photographing products is a different beast. I learned tonight just how differently something can look “on film” compared to real life. The colors can be drastically different. I had to do some photo editing. I usually find my nature photos look pretty true to life with little photo editing. 

So I took the pictures. Many of them were blurry.

I pulled out my mini tripod and my remote shutter controller. I played with the manual settings on my camera. No blur, but the pictures all looked “cold.” The leather key chains I made have a nice warmth to them that I just wasn’t capturing.

Third try I pulled out my little table lamp and took off the shade. It has a decently warm glow to it. As I was taking the picture, I held that light at all different angles. (I can just imagine if my neighbors saw me through the window.) I used the manual macro settings on the camera.

I still had to do a bit of photo-editing, but things were looking better. I got decent enough shots that I was able to get the key chains posted onto Edsby.

I can tell this foray into entrepreneurship is going to be an adventure. I’m looking forward to see where it takes me!

**Note: I am going to try hard not to fill the blog up with advertisements for the Etsy site. I don’t want to fill your Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, or e-mails with ads from Living Daringly. (Don’t we all get too many of those already?) I have links on the main page that I hope will generate interest. I also hope readers will “favorite” my Etsy shop and share it with friends and family.

I will, however, sometimes write about my successes, trials, and tribulations on this leg of my adventure. I think those sorts of blog posts will be in line with the initial intention for this blog.

Thank you for reading and for your support!!**

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