Leaving on a Kayak

A few months ago I blogged about my friend, Mary’s, epic kayak race from Ft. DeSoto to Key Largo, FL (here, here, and here).  That trip was around 300 mile through intense weather, wildlife, and equipment malfunctions.

EC 2014-map

Start and end points of the Everglades Challenge. It’s about 300 miles.


A final equipment failure post-Everglades Challenge: Mary’s tangles broke my comb.:)

Well, she’s doing it again, except times 5! (Hopefully minus the equipment failures at the very least.) She launched today to circumnavigate Florida.

Let me write that again: She launched today to circumnavigate Florida!! Via kayak…

She’s starting near the Florida/Alabama border. She’ll then kayak around Florida, taking her time and seeing the sites. She’ll end in Georgia, just  north of the Florida border in December. That’s three months of kayaking, folks!

Epic Kayaks is providing a boat and some of her supplies for the trip. Friends, family, and friends-of-friends are helping out with food and the occasional lodging. But mostly Mary will be paddling, camping, and hoping that a hurricane doesn’t blow our way…

Mary just finished her Master’s degree in August. She completed the Everglades Challenge in March. She’s been a fantastic person for as long as I’ve known her, and probably since birth. She has wanted to do a trip like this since she was small. I’m so happy she’s living daringly and doing it!

Go, Mary! We’re rooting you on, and we’ll be following you as much as we can the whole way! You are an inspiration to follow your dreams!!

Mary_pre launch

Mary near her launch site (09/05/14).
Photo credit: Andy Bartley.

You can follow Mary on her blog: MaryMangiapia.com. Go show her some love!


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2 Responses to Leaving on a Kayak

  1. Libby

    Is Mary still out there? I was following her on her blog, but nothing posted for a while. Thanks.

    • Christy

      She landed at Ft. DeSoto on Thursday. She’s taken a few days of R&R. She should be heading back out very soon, if she hasn’t already. If you are a Facebook person, you might trying friending her. She posts on there more than her blog…