Lessons from Limburger

I like to try new things. And I love cheese. So when I saw the below beauty at the grocery store, I couldn’t resist.


We’ve all heard the rumors about Limburger: smells like sweaty socks, tastes like sweaty socks. But how do you KNOW if you don’t experience it for yourself? What if you are turned off by everyone’s description of Limburger, so much so that you never try it. But what if it would be your favorite thing if you only did try it?

To me, THAT’s part of the spirit of living daringly. Challenging assumptions with actual experience.

I challenged those assumptions about Limburger today and found them to be completely true…Confused smile

Here’s a screenshot from Facebook soon after opening said cheese to soon after initial consumption: Smile


Before today, I could say that I’d never met a cheese I didn’t like. Today, I can definitively say that I met Limburger, and I did not like him one bit! And that’s Ok. Because I challenged myself to try something that others labeled unsavory. Some people do like Limburger, so there was a chance that I would. I didn’t, but finding out what you don’t like is an important part of life too!

And moving outside of your comfort zone, even if it’s just with a new cheese, is part of living daringly. Smile

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