Let There Be Creations

I eased into 2015 yesterday. I slept in. When I woke, I made myself coffee and sat down to finish my New Year’s blog post. Then I made myself delicious eggs for brunch. Eating made me feel sleepy again, so I took a nap.

When I woke, I started preparing to paint. A long time ago, perhaps a year or so, I began a painting of my dog based on the below picture. I painted some of the black areas on her face, the dragon, and her eyes, but I stopped there. Then the painting went into a drawer, and there it has been until today.

Willow happy dragon_05132012

Willow and her dragon


While I’ve painted some things I’m proud of, and my studio apartment is decorated with my art, I still don’t think I’m good. I was really scared to mess the painting up. If I were interested in being really true to life, Willow’s coloring is pretty difficult to get right. There’s a lot of little white hairs mixed with the black and brown…

Well, with a little nudging from a friend who suffered the same predicament with one of her own paintings, but successfully finished it, I decided to finish my master piece too.

So here she is!


Willow dragon

Willow the Dragon Slayer

Oh, the colors aren’t quite right. And it’s definitely not a realist painting. I do like the background. Painting with painting knives is super fun! It’s not sitting in a drawer anymore, and it makes me smile in the same way the picture does. So I count it as a success!

It’s funny how our thoughts and fears can limit us so thoroughly. So, thank you to Allison for challenging me!

In addition to my painting, I also decided to start a Facebook page for the blog. I made a cover picture using PicMonkey.com, and it was really easy to use. I have future projects in mind relating to the blog, and I want to make sure I have a good internet presence when I’m ready to move on them. So please like the page and share with anyone you think who might like my blog!

LB_FB cover_01012015

Thank you for supporting me in my art in all of its forms!!


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