Today was a day of liberty.

I began by waking early and walking to the market to buy vegetables. I didn’t have to wait in line. I didn’t have a quota on how much I could buy. I bought what I needed and walked back home, unharassed, in the grey and breezy Florida morning.

Later I sat with friends at a pub, and we wrote postcards to our various political representatives regarding issues we are concerned about and votes that we would like them to vote no on. We did this without fear that a Gestapo-like police force would crash our party, or that nearby neighbors would rat us out. We sat in camaraderie and participated in the democratic process, speaking our minds out loud.

Tomorrow I will set camp at Ft. DeSoto. I will create a bonfire and watch the stars while enjoying the silence and occasional raucousness of nature. I will write in my journal and read books. I’ll listen to music and eat simple foods. I’ll liberate myself from the troubles of society, if only for a day.

When I return from my brief respite, I’ll begin the fight for liberty for all again. All Americans deserve the freedom that I often take for granted in my day-to-day.

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