Like a Kid

Messy face
Bright eyes
Sticky hands
Crazy grin

Lick the spoon
And the bowl
How many licks?
Only Owl knows

Stomp in a puddle
Slide in the mud
Dance in the rain
Electricity above

Moment in time
Here and now
Embrace each moment
Then becomes now

kid again


I bought a mango at the grocery a few days ago. Tonight, after removing the skin from the entire thing, I ate the fruit standing over the sink. It was nice and ripe: juicy. The juice ran down my chin. My hands got messy. It was so delicious, and I had the realization that there are some things we do that make us feel like a kid again. Growing up in NW Ohio, I never had a mango as a child. But I ate and experienced other things that trigger that feeling of abandonment and joy.

We need more of that in our lives.

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