Living Small

At the end of 2013 I moved into a 400 square foot studio apartment. It’s the smallest space that I’ve ever lived in, and at first it took some getting used to. I wrote a bit about my troubles here.

photo 1

My living area/bed room, pre-rearrangement.

 After seven months, this small space has become home. After visiting Europe (posts here and here), I realize and remember that it’s not even all that unusual to live in a smaller area. It’s just less common in the United States.

photo 2

Living area into the kitchen. Pre-desk picture.

Today I had a celebration of my small space. I moved furniture around a bit, and I created more space out of nothing. Magic! It’s not a big change, just the reorientation of my bed and a couple of end tables, but it allowed me to create a painting/meditation area (right corner of the “after” pictures).

Rearrangement_before after

This small change makes the apartment feel a bit bigger and a little homier.

So yay! for acclimating to new living circumstances, and yay! for living small(er).

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