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Some ladies from work and I were talking about our singleness a few weeks ago. We decided to do something about it! So we decided to go to a lock-and-key event.

You might be more familiar with speed dating: you sit across from your “date” for X minutes, chat, and if you like each other you write each other’s names on your sheet. If you both write each other down, then it’s a match and you can contact each other.

Lock-and-key events are a little different. Ladies get locks, and gentlemen get keys. You walk around the room trying to get your lock unlocked or to unlock the ladies’ locks. You get raffle tickets every time a lock is unlocked, which encourages you to circulate and talk to people.I wasn’t expecting much from the event, but I was still a little nervous. The person I was going with was late, so I was on my own at first. I took it in good stride, got the drink that accompanied my ticket (they only let me choose Bud Light as the beer choice :/), and scoped out the room. After a little while I went and talked to a guy. We had a nice conversation, but no numbers were exchanged.

I circulated through the room, chatting with some men longer than others. Occasionally women would come up to have a try at having their lock unlocked by the guy I was talking with, or a guy would try is luck at unlocking mine.

Over the course of the night I met a lot of nice, attractive gentlemen. I even exchanged numbers will one. We’ll see if we ever get in touch after this…

It was a fun event. By the end of the night I had 5 raffle tickets in the jar. I didn’t win anything, but it was still fun.

One not-so-positive comment: some of the available prizes were coupons for discounts on liposuction. I think it is pretty crappy that an event like this would partner with companies that prey on people’s insecurities.

Dating is really hard, and it can make you feel insecure. Instead, perhaps the lock-and-key company should partner with mental health professionals who would help people see their beauty no matter their size and their shape! Or just stick with companies who have coupons for fun date activities…

I’d recommend these types of events for meeting people for romance. I liked this format over speed dating, because conversation didn’t seem as forced. You get as much time to talk as you want.

I definitely ventured outside my comfort zone during this event, and it turned out to be fun. I’ll probably go to another in the future. Yay for living daringly!

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