Matt Bednarsky and Birthdays

DSC01679I love it when worlds collide.

I feel that my friendships and certain parts of my life are a bit compartmentalized. Often when I go to house concerts, friends don’t come with me. I’ve made my own house concert friends, but generally the two groups don’t mix.

Last night, the house concert portion of my life merged with other parts of my life. My friend hosted her first house concert in honor of her upcoming birthday. Matt Bednarsky set up the concert with my friend when he was last in Tampa in October (more here). 

The first time I saw Matt was in celebration of my own birthday last April.

It’s neat to see these different patterns repeating themselves. I’m glad I played a role in another person taking part in the house concert community. I’m glad that more people have been exposed to Matt’s awesome music, and awesomeness in general.


A loose crowd, huddling around the fire.

The night was nice all the way around. Some people started a fire to give Matt a little extra light while he played and to warm the cool, Florida evening. 

     I love a good bonfire.

Musically, Matt was as good as ever. He’s 3 for 3 for making me cry during his shows.

     Damn feely songs… Get me every time.

He did a few improvised songs based on things about people in the crowd. He sprinkled a little Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga into a set as well. 

     Good stuff.

It’s become a bit of a tradition to go out after Matt plays a show. Shenanigans of some type always ensue. That was true last night as well…

So, please, please, please go check out Matt’s music and buy some of it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Also, if you love music, think about trying out a house show! If you are interested in hosting one, there are some great resources at

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