Matt Bednarsky House Concert

… and birthday shenanigans!

I was obligated to attend a class on Saturday (yesterday) from 8:30-3:30. Because of this, I had to keep my actual birthday celebration (on Friday) low key. I got together with some friends over beers, and it was very nice. But I had to leave early… 

In true honor of my birthday, I attended Matt Bednarsky‘s house concert (part of the Listening Room Festival 2015) at my favorite house concert series, Lunazoot.

The Lunazoot house concert tribe is becoming more and more like family. I love visiting with them every time I go to one of the shows they are hosting, and I really trust their taste in music. They haven’t let me down yet!

A few friends came to the show with me, and it was their first house concert experience.

I’m breaking house concert cherries all over the place!

Matt’s show was a good one to start off with. His lyrics are thoughtful and soulful. He plays the guitar masterfully.

His songs felt very appropriate for a birthday celebration. He played one about living in the the moment. He played another that was about carrying that 17-year-old-self with us no matter how old or mature we think we are. Another was about how we move in, out, and on in each other’s lives.

One of those songs brought on the water works.

I need to tally it up, but I think this keeps my house concert crying tally at about 80%.

Unbeknownst to me, the Lunazoot hosts asked Matt to play a Happy Birthday song for me. And, you guessed it, he asked me to come to the stage as I was sopping up my tearful visage.

I wanted to protest that I didn’t want to get up there while still being an emotional mess, but in good living daringly style I decided to stay open to the experience and go up there in my vulnerable state.

Matt played a beautiful rendition of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (a request by Susan). I had to concentrate on breathing so that I didn’t burst into tears on stage. The song segued into “Happy Birthday,” which was easier for my tear ducts to handle.

After that he called for a set break. Me and my friends went outside to chat and talk with some of the other attendees.

The second set was just as good. Matt’s songs run the gamut of sound: poppy, bluesy, funky, with some human beatbox thrown in for good measure. His voice is absolutely beautiful.

After the show, my friends and I chatted with Matt for a bit and got a quick picture taken.


Yay for house concerts!

My friends and I then started heading to The Independent, a nearby pub. We extended the invite to a few remaining people at the house concert, and I knew that few other people would be meeting us there.

The Galbraith Group was playing when we got there. They had a nice bluesy sound, and I want to check out more of their music. But my friends and I sat where we could listen to the music, but still talk.

Matt and a new friend showed up a bit after that.


Shenanigans at The Independent.

So my birthday included the best of all things: old friends, new friends, and great music.

This evening, I’m volunteering at the Listening Room Festival finale. Matt won’t be playing, but a number of other great talents will be. I’m looking forward to helping out and experiencing even more great music.

Thus far the only thing to sully my entry into my 37th year is that two grey hairs decided to peek out this morning… No biggie, but I’m glad they waited a couple of days.

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