Miles for Moffitt 2014

I stand by my previous sentiment: Fuck Cancer. But like I said in that post, I don’t want to just sit in sadness, fear, and bitterness as my aunt fights her second battle with breast cancer. I want to do something positive with that energy instead.

Instead I’m fundraising and running the Miles for Moffitt 5k on May 10. Moffitt Cancer Center is a non-for-profit institute in Tampa that both treats cancer patients and performs cancer research. By donating to this specific race, the money goes directly to Moffitt so that they can do what they do.

To encourage people to donate, I’m developing rather ridiculous running costume. For every $50 threshold reached, I’m adding another component to the costume. I’ve already raised $350, so anything above that will add to what I’ll be wearing from the $50-$350 categories. I’m going to be a mess of neon pink, orange, yellow, green… But it’s for a good cause. (And secretly I like dressing up for stuff anyway. Winking smile)

Everyone who donates will get a full-length picture of me in thanks for your contribution. (I know these photos are going to haunt me when I defend my dissertation.)

So join in the fun. Contribute to a good cause and make my running costume just a little bit more ridiculous. Smile You can donate here.

$50: Authentic Mardi Gras beads
$100: Orange and pink, heart, knee socks
$150: Neon yellow running shorts
$200: More Mardi Gras beads
$250: Orange Team Judy tank top
$300: Even more Mardi Gras beads!
$350: Hot pink, big, round sunglasses <—Where I’m at today.
$400: Green fairy wings
$450: Hot pink, feather boa
$500: Bumble bee antennae
$500+: ?????

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